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Tutoring & Academic Coaching

Education, Advocacy, & collaboration

Not everyone has equal abilities, but everyone should have equal opportunities for education.
— John F. Kennedy

Need a Tutor?

Reading, Writing, Study Skills & Test Prep

Tutoring & Academic Coaching in-office, at home, or at the local library

With 7+ years of experience in the classroom teaching ELA and English, as well as informal, formal, and standardized test prep, along with a combined 12+ years creating opportunities for young people to lead and be successful, Shiley can help get your child on track and feeling good about their grades!

Why Shiley?

  1. She will meet your child where they are in their academic need and customize engaging sessions designed for improvement.
  2. She is willing to drive to tutor in your home, at her office, or at the local library.
  3. She is an excellent teacher and mentor for young people.

Send an email to shiley@jshiley.com to get started.