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Shiley never imagined being a parent, and yet here we are. Two wild boys who are eight years apart run the show at home.

The older of the two, Taylor, was her younger sister's son - her "gift" as Sonny testified under oath in a trial that would later open the opportunity to adopt him in her absence. In the years Tay was younger, and before Sonny's body would succumb to cancer, she foreshadowed Jordan's arrival with jokes about Tay needing to grow up with a little nephew. Funny how things work out.

Within a year of Tay joining the Shiley team, enter Jordan Carter Wayne -  unofficially, but very much officially in the house, baby brother to Taylor David Shiley. Soulmates. Best friends. Loud. Never-tiring. Center-of-attention-getting. Brothers.

As Shiley's modern family was taking shape, she was creating the curriculum for an organization that took her out of teaching and into ownership.


Now, as President & CEO of Young Elites, Shiley captains the team responsible for putting over 800 high school girls in position to be confident and successful in their schools, careers, and communities.

Prior to founding Young Elites, Shiley was a teacher and coach of all kids, at-risk school attending to affluent and super-supported, and used the classroom and court as a conduit for developing leadership and life skills.

The repertoire required to out-energy two boys at home doesn't vary much from that needed to educate high school and middle school students or develop a company that would corner the market in the community. Shiley's advanced on the wire that threads them all together - the wire of risk-taking and obstacle-facing - with balance, focus, and resilience. She follows through on good intentions and takes care of her team. For Shiley, her family, and the young people on her path, there are no limits.

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